Gain hands-on experience through campus residencies

A unique aspect of Elmhurst University’s online accelerated nursing programs is the campus residency experience. Often cited by current students as a favorite part of the program, these experiences will give you an opportunity to forge deeper relationships with faculty and classmates, hone your clinical skills under the supervision of experienced instructors and acquire the confidence you need to begin your clinical hours with actual patients.

Taking place in the first term of your program, Elmhurst’s campus residency will guide your nursing skills development in realistic health care settings. You will both observe and practice hands-on skills including:

  • Health assessments
  • Hygiene/infection control
  • IV therapy
  • Home health simulations 
  • Community crisis simulation

Students in the online ABSN will also return for a short campus residency at the end of their program.

An Elmhurst student training with her instructor during the on-campus Elmhurst nursing residency


Innovative Simulation Center

The campus residency takes place in the Elmhurst University Simulation Center, located in Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, just 30 minutes west of downtown Chicago. This state-of-the-art facility, a collaboration between Elmhurst University and Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, is the only health care/higher education partnership of its kind in the region.

The Simulation Center includes labs designed to look and feel just like an inpatient hospital room, complete with robotic simulated patients, or manikin, representing a range of patient conditions. Each simulated hospital room is equipped with one-way privacy glass, allowing faculty to observe students and provide guidance in decision making and critical thinking. 

During the residency, you will have the opportunity to watch faculty demonstrate skills, then practice the skills yourself and observe others as they perform. In preparation for your clinicals in real patient care settings, the residency will also help you develop the communication skills to become comfortable managing stressful situations and difficult conversations with patients and their families through simulated scenarios.

Learn more about this innovative teaching environment:


ABSN Residency

The ABSN program includes one 5-day residency near the beginning of the program and one 2-day residency at the end. These two visits focus on hands-on training within the Simulation Center, allowing you the opportunity to practice and develop essential nursing skills.

ABSN residency highlights: 

  • Practice the fundamentals of ADL care and assistance on training manikin
  • Gain familiarity with mobility and lift equipment
  • Participate in a “Day in the Clinical Life” simulation activity

Watch this video for student insights into the ABSN residency experience:


MENP Residency

The MENP program has one 5-day residency at the start of the program. Similar to the ABSN program, the MENP residency offers you the opportunity to gain hands-on practice and learn essential nursing skills. The MENP residency also includes simulated scenarios that are inclusive of the clinical nurse leader role. 

MENP residency highlights:

  • Gain valuable nursing leadership experience as you work alongside faculty and medical professionals
  • Maybe gain experience in caring for a variety of patients, including pediatric, obstetrics, and adult critical patients.


Take the next steps

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A group of Elmhurst nursing students during the on-campus Elmhurst nursing residency