Academically Strong. Ethically Driven.

Elmhurst University’s distance ABSN and MENP programs provide rigorous professional preparation and robust clinical skills development. An immersive educational experience is delivered by a passionate, supportive community at a university that values personal growth, human rights and social justice.

The University’s Department of Nursing and Health Services is dedicated to increasing diversity in nursing and prides itself on providing educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. 

Elmhurst University was founded in 1871 and is aligned with the United Church of Christ, which has a rich history supporting civil rights and equality.

Team Support for Success

Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure your success, at no extra cost to you. From identifying clinical placement sites to guiding you from application to graduation, we’re here to make sure you’re well prepared.

  • Save time and focus on your coursework with integrated clinical placement services
  • Connect with a student success advisor to help you navigate your academic experience
  • Receive professional mentorship and support from our committed nursing faculty

Elmhurst University Values

Elmhurst University’s values transcend the on-campus learning environment, so you can expect the same academic excellence and student support from these online programs.

Intellectual Excellence

We promote intellectual freedom, curiosity and engagement; critical and creative inquiry; rigorous debate; innovative thinking and integrity in all endeavors. We ignite a passion for learning.

Social Responsibility

We respect the dignity of every individual and promote responsible citizenship and civic engagement. We advocate for social justice on local, national and global levels. We act on our social responsibilities and empower others to do the same.

Professional Preparation

We integrate professional preparation with a rigorous liberal arts foundation that prepares students for a successful, meaningful and fulfilling life.


We are stewards of the human, fiscal and physical resources entrusted to us. We are accountable to one another for the quality of our community, the strength of our finances, and the utility and beauty of our campus as a place of intellectual engagement and personal growth. We pursue innovations that respect the environment and foster sustainability in the management of our resources.


We build a welcoming community that values and embraces diversity and inclusion. We achieve this through mutual respect, compassion for others, honest and open communication, and fairness and integrity in all that we do.

Faith, Meaning and Purpose

We are grounded in our individual traditions and those of the United Church of Christ, and are committed to the development of the human spirit in its many forms through dialogue, inquiry and service.